an ART car
"I don't drive no stinkin' SUV [Stupid Ugly Vermin], I drive an AUV [Art Utility Vehicle]!"
Art Car Blowout 2002 was a BLAST! Best attendance ever.
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The Mosey is a 1974 DORF (see the grill) Econoline Van. I painted it. Spray Cans. Critters of all sorts live on the dash.It's always a work in-progress.
The Seattle Art Car Blowout is an annual event at the Freemont Street Fair in Seattle. Held at the weekend of the summer solstice, ArtCars from all over the country come to participate. Read up on the 2001 ArtCAR Blowout on larry's site (note: Larry is in Hondouras -so he said in his last communication- and his page is 404'd)

Wondering how the Blue Mosey became an ART Car?

The Art Car Blowout 2001 was great fun! Some 30 cars attended, from the over-the-top (carthedral) to the understated (pick-up with a few flames on front). The attendee's at the fair were quite facinated by the art cars. The caravan ofAartCars on sunday morning, complete with motorcycle police escort, was a blast. People all along the route were smiling and waving at us. If nothing else, this was the best part - seeing people smiling at the cars.

My picture gallery from the 2001 fair is kind of lame (i didn't have the best camera at the time) but i will post links to others who shot pictures and posted them. (that is when i figgure out where they are}

25th of July, 2001 the ARTcar gang was invited to participate in the Greenwood Seafair Parade. This was also a good time. My friend Blake rode along with me, the kids liked the Blu Mosey, and we didn't crash. Have a little gallery of Greenwood Pay-raid photo's for ya. Afterwards there was a party at Schlocks house, but i went to the Globe and started a fire - one that still burns.

I found an picture of my first car - A 1962 Pontiac Catalina. Mine was red also. I paid $350.00 for it (with a little help from my Grandmother) back in 1970, when i was 21 years old. This isn't my car in the photo actually, but it's the same model. Mine got towed away in 1976 in denver colorado. just to many things to fix. I then moved into pre-'68 split windshield VW Vans.

1962 Pontiac Catalina
Photo from Junk yards of North Georgia. Thanks...

You too can have an Art Car! It takes just a few simple steps:

1.0 Get some paint - any kind you like, any color you like
1.5 Apply to your car

2.0 Get some objects - any kind you like
2.5 Apply to car - use glue, welding, tape - your choice.

3.0 Drive your car around.

Isn't that EASY!

Your friends will love you, the strangers on the streets will love you. Little kids will be facinated. Big kids will think it's "COOL". Adults will wish they had the gumption to be so expressive. And you get to join a community of car artists all over the world who are ALL a great bunch of people! If you prefer more complicated instructions look on the American Visionary Art Museum site.

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